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Information & Pricing

The goods + then some. We’ll walk you through the experience of having your wedding filmed right from the very beginning. Read on for faq’s + pricing info.

You deserve an experience that’s 100% you.

What does this look like? Picture a day with your favourite person, infused with adventure, food and the space to be yourselves — without any stress, or pressure of traditional timelines.

You deserve something more.

you might be wondering

// q + a’s

What does an intentional wedding look like and how is it different from a traditional wedding?


Imagine a wedding celebration created for how you will feel, first and foremost. There are no ‘shoulds’ in an intentional gathering. Everything points towards an honest representation of you two, as a couple. It’s staying in alignment with what you want and being a little bit selfish. The most memorable weddings we’ve been a part of, it’s never about the stuff. This is about dreaming up a day you and your partner will look back on with a big smile on your face, knowing that the day you chose to marry each other will be the best one in your lives, to date.

Great, but how do you help as a videographer?

We will work collaboratively to make this experience beyond special for you. This might mean us talking through the timeline of your day months in advance, encouraging you to exchange vows privately, or plan for an intimate ceremony followed by an awesome reception. It might be more important for you to include family + friends throughout and for us to guide you on the best ways to include the people you care about. On your day, it’s giving you space to breathe, filming the moments you’ll wish lasted longer and reminding you that this is your day to be totally present.

I’m new to this. How will you make me feel comfortable?


We love that you asked this! This may totally new territory for you, but we’ve seen the difference in what we can capture when a couple is feeling happy and when their boundaries are pushed. Instead, we work to foster an atmosphere of playfulness and trust. You might be considering hiring us for your wedding because you want a video to look back on, but you’ll be getting so much more than a client experience with us. In fact, you can consider us two new friends who happen to love filming people in love.


“Oh my goodness this is perfect and we love it sooo much!! We keep rewatching and crying haha we had such a great time with you two! Thank you for being part of our day and we can’t believe you got it to us so fast. Wow! Thank you so much for the care and detail you put into everything — ️you guys are the best! Seriously can’t thank you enough. Xo.”

Film Collection Pricing

You are worth celebrating. Creative films starting at $3500 for intentional weddings + elopements throughout Victoria, Vancouver Island & B.C.


We love the sound of this. How far in advance can we book you?


We accept bookings up to 12 months in advance with many couples booking us 6-9 months ahead of their date. Working on a shorter timeframe? Message us anyway to see if we’re available! Even if not, we can absolutely offer up some local recommendations to help you with your search for an amazing team.

We like what we see! Do you also do longer films?


Filled up with energy & good feels, our creative highlight videos are created with story front of mind. As awesome as our creative highlight films are, we totally understand that sometimes you just need to see more. We also offer linear edits of your ceremony, speeches & first dances in our film collections.

Okay, we’re sold. How do we book you?


Yay – fun times ahead!

START HERE, by sharing what you’re looking for in your wedding. We’ll send over our detailed pricing guide and connect by phone. This gives us chance to hear what you’d like us to focus on throughout your day while chatting about what you can expect in teaming up with us. To be frank, a phone call is the best way for us to feel out how we jive + to share a few laughs! Once you’ve decided on the film collection that lines up with your plans, we’ll send over a contract for you to review. With your digital signature & a 50% deposit, we’ll be officially booked for your date!

I’m so in love with what I’m seeing. Literally, so excited! When can I see our film?


Our highlight films are typically delivered 12 weeks post-wedding. We film many weddings where people have gathered from overseas all in one place and some of our couples do this neat plan where they have a small-scale wedding or elopement followed by a larger reception in a different location. Great things take time, and we know you’re excited to see what we’ve captured, so we usually have a teaser film ready to share within a three weeks of your wedding.

Euphegenia Doubtfire! I’m so excited. What’s next?


We are right there with you + we’ll be with you the entire way, checking in, answering questions, suggesting spots to explore and doing our finest to put you and keep you at ease. You can reach out to us anytime and know that we will be there for you. We’re more than your wedding videographers, we’re totally invested in you two having the time of your lives together - we just want to come along for the ride!

Gahh, I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera. Help!


Excellent! Seriously, we love hearing this because it gives us the opportunity to treat you to a beautiful experience. Our cameras (and the people behind them) are subtle, skilled machines. Having filmed weddings + live events for 10 years, we have the chops to read non-verbals skills to be at the right place at the right time. What does this mean for you? You + your partner can savour each moment without stress.

What does a wedding look like with 2 extra people there? Do you just follow us around? How does this work?


The beautiful thing about elopements and intentional weddings is the flexibility they offer. You can infuse as little or as much structure into your day as you like, especially if you’re a planner and have excellent time management skills. We’d recommend adding plenty of buffer time in - especially if you’re looking to travel between locations. Having us join you means more interaction, guidance and us as your witnesses! You’ll also get a pretty awesome video out of it.

We’ve booked a photographer we’re super excited about. How will you work with them?


We take a collaborative approach with each creator on your wedding day to maximize an already incredible experience. We’ll reach out to your chosen photographer in the weeks leading up to your wedding to learn about their approach and chat about how we can work as a team. Our favourite photographers are friendly, considerate and focused on YOU having the best experience possible.

MacKenzie Beach Ceremony - Eco Lodge Wedding, Tofino BC // Robyn & Ben

“A friend of mine (Kelsey) had posted her wedding video that Bre and Grady had shot and I think I watched it three times in a row and cried each and every time.

I was so moved by what they captured, that I knew they were meant to be a part of our journey and document our special day. Once I met with Bre in person, I had no doubts that it was meant to be!

Not only are Bre and Grady insanely talented and bring all of the feels to their work, they are also two of the most amazingly generous, honest, hilarious, nerdy, beautiful, carefree, intelligent people that we know.

And if anyone out there is wavering on whether they should spend the money on a videographer: DO IT! To see and hear all of the small and subtle moments of the day is priceless.”