You aren’t exactly traditional + that’s what makes you awesome.

Filmmakers and friends – you deserve a team who will create an honest, emotive and compelling memory of your day.

Our approach is simple, but not easy. We take the time to learn what matters most to you and create an atmosphere of space, playfulness and trust. This means, when our cameras start rolling, you feel like you can just be you.

Why? You staying in the moment allows us to get exactly what we need for your film. Our mission is to empower you to plan a day that fits your values + priorities, because this is what matters most.We’ll take care of the rest.


How you feel is so important to us — more than catching the perfect rays at golden hour, more than taking time away from your guests and definitely more than keeping you apart from the one person you’re celebrating this day with, above all else.

You only have so many opportunities to be honest, raw and deeply grateful for the people in your life and this is the best space to do it in, it makes it worth remembering. This is where we come in.


When it all began, we were just two nerds with a couple of cameras who felt like we could do something amazing for people. 5 years and 40+ weddings later, we’ve created wedding videos that stand apart from the rest.

We choose to film weddings because of the opportunity for human connection. For us it’s more than a job, it’s about joining people like you in this important phase of your life + being able to share amazing stories of love and partnership.

Living as a working creative couple has lead us to realize you don’t have to do what’s “expected” of you.

Living as a working creative couple for over a decade has lead us to realize you don’t have to do what’s “expected” of you. Speaking from experience:

Get a place together before we’re married? Check.

Foster rescue dogs instead of getting one for ourselves? We’re at #25 (updated, Oct 2019)!

Create work that makes positive impact on our community? You bet.

Build an intentional life together? So far so good!


Photo credit: Grady in his element // Darren Roberts Adventure Elopement Photography in the Canadian Rockies

However you choose to celebrate — we’re here to capture the experience for you.
Breanna - Evergreen & Bound Films - Skoki Lodge - Lake Louise : Banff, Alberta - Canadian Rockies Wedding Videographer.jpg
Breanna - Evergreen & Bound Films - Skoki Lodge - Lake Louise : Banff, Alberta - Canadian Rockies Wedding Videos.jpg

You can expect us to show up, camera in hand focused first on you being at ease. The rest, comes naturally.

Done with intention, weddings reinforce our connection + belief in humanity.
— - Bre & Grady

Fort Common Ceremony - Heritage outdoor courtyard wedding // lindsay & Tim

“Breanna and Grady! Wow, we can't say enough about our video. You two absolutely nailed it! We've been watching it nonstop for two days and it gets better every time. We had very high expectations and we were still blown away by how great it is. Slowly we have shared it with our close family and a few friends and everyone feels the same way. You so perfectly captured the feel of the day in just five minutes, thank you so so much.”